Helios began its corporate experience also serving as Global Service, i.e. as a supplier of all the integrated services which can be seen in any building or property management. Starting from the construction works of small and medium size, to the maintenance of equally specialized plants such as elevators (service elevators, lifts, escalators), to the management of green areas and to environmental hygiene such as cleaning of large surfaces both indoor and outdoor.


Civil Cleaning

The interventions in the civil sector range from private and public office cleaning of any dimension, cleaning in apartment buildings and shopping centres, cleaning of gyms and sports facilities. Helios also provides an accurate cleaning service for private homes. Cleaning interventions in civil areas can be divided into:

Manuals: carried out with specific detergent and disinfectant products suitable for small surfaces and cluttered areas.

Mechanized: carried out with modern machinery and in accordance with basic cleaning and rehabilitation.

Industrial Cleaning

Helios Group performs industrial cleaning operations with manual or mechanized interventions, based on the needs of the individual case. Manual interventions in industrial cleaning are required in order to be able to guarantee ordinary cleaning interventions, as well as a healthy preservation of the liveability of the building and of the work environments. Mechanized interventions in industrial cleaning are carried out with the aim of ensuring the complete elimination of various types of residues and stains from the surfaces involved, mostly consisting of fats, oils, glues, resins and paints, and in general any material capable of creating stains and sediments.

Hospital Cleaning

Good hygienic conditions are the first line against infections and the first quality index perceived by health service users. The know-how of Helios, combined with the high professionalism of its staff, offers the widest guarantees. In hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, Helios is able to solve any problem of hygiene, as evidenced by the experience acquired in cleaning and sanitisation of each type of area, from outpatient to hospital rooms, from first aid facilities to operating rooms. Carried out according to strict procedures and with the most sophisticated machinery, the services provided by Helios in the hospital environment are subjected to constant quality controls.

Extraordinary Cleaning

Extraordinary cleaning is carried out in spaces where the ordinary service is already performed and in spaces where exceptional and/or unpredictable conditions occur: construction sites, renovations, removals, etc. For these interventions a work group specialized in the use of machinery and products suitable for the different types of service was prepared and formed by Helios. The interventions take place through the use of the following tools: vacuum cleaner, wet vac, carpet cleaner, pressure washer, mini sweeper, monobrush, motor sweeper, a rotary high-speed monobrush, injection-extraction carpet cleaners, washer-driers, telescopic wiper rod.



In indoor and outdoor environments our technical disinfectant operators are able to propose the best solution based on the level of infestation. Helios is able to disinfect different types of environments, from park to garden and locations such as warehouses, offices, kitchens and storage rooms. An experienced and highly qualified personnel puts itself at your disposal, analysing the field of application and choosing the most suitable pesticide for the definitive resolution of the problem, planning future actions with the Customer to eliminate the possibility of repetition of infestations. All treatments are carried out by qualified operators, using products chosen on the basis of efficacy and toxicity tests.

Rat exterminations

Our team of expert rat exterminators is familiar with the various types of rodents to fight, the diseases they can transmit and the complications of operations in the various locations. Helios is able to provide advice on how to avoid the proliferation of rats and mice in various environments and open spaces, taking precautions so that the population number is controlled in a natural way. Our intervention is, in almost all the applications, decisive and permanent, adopting the measures that we will recommend.


Helios offers a global, continuous and integrated management service for properties and real estate appraisal both public and private, with the aim of monitoring the status of the property, uses and market trends, to obtain the maximum possible profitability and over time an increase in the value of the properties managed. Over the years, Helios has developed a specific expertise in real estate field by training and increasing an organization capable of managing, even in an efficient and profitable way, assets of considerable economic value. The search for synergies and the constant adaptation of IT and innovative tools has allowed and allows the operational flexibility necessary to effectively assist the client in the dynamic management of property values of any type and in any place.


Construction of parks and gardens
Maintenance of public and private parks and gardens
Study and design of green areas
Works of naturalistic engineering
Planting of arboreal and shrubby plants
Setting up of flowerbeds and “Border-line”
Regeneration of lawns
Laying of roll lawn
Controlled felling

Garden cleaning
Pruning tall trees with an air platform at 20 meters.
Pruning hedges
Specific care for the protection and recovery of trees
Construction of irrigation systems
Construction of fountains, ponds and water features
Mowing and clearing of green areas and road slopes
Assembly of outdoor games and street furniture



The reception, concierge, custody and security service is mainly aimed at the surveillance and protection of buildings, the assets present in them and the regulation of access by outsiders. It is carried out by an operator in uniform according to the times established by the Client in the contract, tender documentation or letter of assignment.

Unarmed vigilance

The unarmed vigilance consists of a constant surveillance of the property (apartment, apartment block, office, company) and a supervision and vigilance of the events that take place within the area of the building and at the same time the development of the activities that take place in the building.


Porterage services

The porterage and supply of specialized resources is one of the leveraged services of Helios Group, which for several years has been dealing with the formation and placement of suitable resources based on the service requested in warehouses, industries, and national and international events and fairs. The performances are carried out with primary organization and quality in order to guarantee our customers elastic and productive solutions with the use of work teams suitable at the time with work shifts studied and optimized in order to guarantee the continuity of the 365 days’ production performance.


Logistics services are carried out in technologically advanced areas with the IT systems procedure in order to manage the traceability of incoming, stored and outgoing goods. More and more Italian and foreign companies decide to pass on their goods to logistics companies, thus transforming a series of costs from fixes to variables. In terms of operational efficiency, Helios’ approach is to leverage on economies of scale and on optimizing the use of shared networks for the benefit of its Customers.


Waste represents one of the most complex and articulated realities of the modern era of industrialization. This problem is a topic of primary importance and sensitivity to the common interest of citizens, businesses and market operators; in this regard, in the orbiting panorama of waste management, Helios wants to be a reference company for its customers. Through the development of its own business model based on research, innovation, continuous improvement and the spirit of growth, Helios has given life to a corporate sector that focuses on the eco-sustainability of urban hygiene and recovery services / disposal of waste according to the EU regulations in force to protect the environment. Our industry experts with the advice of external collaborators allow us to offer a series of services aimed, in the interests of the Customers, at the highest professionalism, at a continuous search for solutions aimed at maximizing and enhancing some of the specific characteristics of the waste. Values such as, Economy, Effectiveness, Efficiency make Helios a source of pride and trust for its customers, because they receive quality services that meet their expectations through a constant exchange of information.